A Hard Day to Recount..

Note:  This story contains images that may be upsetting for some, so please leave this page if blood makes you queasy.

A Hard Day To Recount – FEBRUARY 11, 2011 that is.

It’s been a little over 2 years now.  I stopped writing much in Ziba’s Healing Journal as everytime I tried to write about this event, I just couldn’t bring myself to do so, however I felt it should be told as it was a critical, albeit unfortunate, event that took place in Z’s “healing” journey that I have been documenting.  So please forgive this late share, there may be value in its telling..

Webb Ranch

Webb Ranch at upper fields, enjoying the view in 2010.

In retrospect I have one huge misgiving and can only recommend to other horse owners what many know and probably many such as myself had not addressed but simply put up with.   Read full post..






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Our 2nd Key Comfort Item: The THINLINE Trifecta Half Pad. Special Offer ends Oct 21, 2012

Maximize Your Horse’s Comfort under saddle with THINLINE’s Trifecta Half Pad!  This Week take advantage of this Special Offer.

Take Advantage of this Limited Time Offer on Thinline’s Trifecta Half Pad!

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A Key Comfort Item for Your Horse: Mikmar’s Le Tixerant Comfort Girth

Our Horses work hard for us.  Help to ensure their comfort under saddle with Mikmar’s Le Tixerant Comfort Girth!

On Special This Week!    Offer ends October 15, 2012

Take advantage of this limited time offer on Mikmar’s Le Tixerant Comfort Girth!
available in Dressage & Jumping styles.

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The Wave

Fluid yet momentary balance..


reminds me of, well…

riding a Horse.






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Thursday Afternoon

Ziba was on high today.

Shannon, my neighbor at the ranch, calls me saying my horse is really antsy and running up and down her (long) paddock.  A few minutes later I arrive to find her walking circles and stopping to nose the gate repeatedly.  Food isn’t the problem, she has that.  We are of like minds – I came with a quick ride in mind.  Saddling up takes only a few minutes, but she is still digging a hole in the ground.  COME ON KAREN – LET’S GO!!!

So I hop on and we take the perimeter trail with the sun setting on an expansive view of golden rolling hills dotted by crooked oak trees & scrub.  At the beginning there is a nice long easy downhill slope later followed by a short steep uphill climb.  You can see the reservoir which is pretty dry right now and has a sandy bathtub ring.  Huge old Eucalyptus hide little animals making crackling noises while they settle in for the evening.  A few jack rabbits scoot off in different directions.  As we walk the trail, she and I are happier by the minute.  The shadows have grown long and we spend a little time in the upper sand ring which is cooler now.  By the time we get back, she is all smiles.  Has those soft smiley eyes.  She tells me she loves to go sight-seeing!

Leia & I hear a nicker as we leave.  See you tomorrow my friend!

I am grateful for the time we are able to share together and Ziba’s enthusiasm to do more – it really is a gift that I can ride her at all.  Will tell you about it sometime soon..






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New Product Annoucement: ICE FIL Tops make cooling effortless.


This Spring, Kerrits introduces its new line of ‘Ice Fil’ tops use cooling technology to convert sweat into a coolant, effectively lowering skin temperature by up to five degrees. The technology is activated by motion, the more you move, the cooler you will be.

“You have to experience ‘Ice Fil’ to believe it,” says Kerri Kent, CEO and designer for Kerrits Performance Equestrian Apparel. “We first started using ‘Ice Fil’ fabric as a sleeve, and we got rave reviews from our team riders across the globe—especially those in the hottest climates.”
Cutting-edge ‘Ice Fil’ fabric quickly wicks away moisture and provides evaporative cooling while blocking thermal radiation from infrared light.  The moisture-control technology creates a cooling effect as sweat is absorbed, effectively lowering skin’s temperature to keep riders cool, dry and comfortable.

What’s more, this technology performs best in hot, humid conditions.
Available in tank, short sleeve and long sleeve styles, Kerrits ‘Ice Fil’ tops offer UV 40 sun protection and are anti-bacterial, moisture-absorbing, and fast-drying with two-way circulation.

All designs include Ice Fil mesh siding for additional ventilation where riders need it most.
“’Ice Fil’ has quickly earned a reputation for delivering on its cooling promise,” says Kent. “We’re excited to offer riders this innovative technology at an affordable price.”
Kerrits’ ‘Ice Fil’ tops are designed with a flattering semi-fitted silhouette and a slightly longer back hem to stay tucked in throughout your ride. Details include an extra pocket for convenience and flat-seam construction throughout to resist rubbing and chafing.

ICE FIL Cooling Wear is available at JustEquus.com

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Great News! The Le Tixerant Comfort Girth is back!

And to the relief and enthusiasm of many Le Tixerant fans – they can be ordered at Just Equus!  The quality is back to its original level, and for the dressage style – the color of the elasticated part is now black like the leather ends.  Here is some information about the Le Tixerant Girth for those who are not familiar with it yet:

 “In cooperation with a major medical textile company in France, The Le Tixerant Comfort Girth was developed to allow freedom of movement for the horse, while keeping the saddle in place. A special patented material sewn into the middle of the girth expands, giving comfort to the horse, easier breathing and movement for the chest area. Scientific studies have proven that a tightened girth inhibits optimum performance of a horse. Specifically, a rigid girthing affects the respiratory function and compresses the muscles, thereby reducing the blood flow and supply of oxygen. This can result in contractures, spasms, impaired action, reduced power, uneven gaits, defense reactions and refusals. The solution is a girth designed to move with the horse. The Tixerant Comfort Girth is radical in its simplicity, incorporating a wide centre section of a technical material made by Gibaud (a medical textile company) the girth offers a high capacity for elongation, allowing your horses’ ribs to expand and contract without any restriction. This unique elastic panel also covers a much larger area of your horses belly than usual to reduce pressure and virtually eliminate the risk of pinching. Yet, despite the elasticity, it keeps the saddle in place more effectively than a standard girth, due to an integrated non-slip pad on the inside, positioned over the sternum to keep the saddle centralized and fully secure.”

For most horses – the Le Tixerant provides welcome relief while allowing for a very stabilized saddle without overtightening of the girth.  We do not recommend it for extremely forward girth grooves, or ponies as it is a wider design.

I research the products we sell at Just Equus and my collection of girths has grown over the years.  My horse is a perfect test subject as she has an opinion about everything and expresses herself well.  My horse made it clear that the Le Tixerant was her girth of choice.  On switching back to a traditional leather girth or a couple other test girths I have tried on her, she has turned to stare at me and then the girth as if to say “uhmmm, this is the wrong girth, please use the right one.”..   Then she takes this big breath as if to say – look I can’t breathe like I can in MY girth.  It is true, the Le Tixerant allows for more expansion of the rib cage without sacrificing stability.  I do believe there are other wonderful girths that will be appropriate for different horses’ needs, but the Le Tixerant is clearly my horse’s favorite.

Order yours at Just Equus.

Le Tixerant Comfort Dressage Girth - now comes in all Black

Le Tixerant Comfort Jumping Girth comes in Dark Brown or Light Brown Leather.

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FAR Infrared Therapy – What is it? How does it work?


by Melanie Grimes,  homeopath, medical writer, teacher of Homeopathy, editor of integrative journal “Simillimum”.

“Far Infrared Therapy utilizes light wavelengths below the frequency of visible red light. Though the light is not visible to the human eye, it can be felt as heat. Used in radiant heating units in homes, Far Infrared (FIR) penetrates below the skin and can be used as a medical therapy.

Medical Uses of Far Infrared Therapy
FIR therapy is light or heat therapy that has been found to increase blood flow and white blood cell function. FIR light helps remove toxins from the body and speeds the healing of tissues. FIR increases the metabolic rate and stimulates the hypothalamus. The FDA has approved far infrared lights to warm newborn infants in hospitals. The toxins in silicon breast implants may be removed by use of FIR therapy. FIR therapy creates a low fever state, with a one to three degree rise in body temperature. This stimulates the production of white blood cells and killer T cells, thereby improving immunity.

Diseases Treated by Far Infrared Therapy
Many diseases respond to FIR therapy. Arthritis, bursitis and rheumatism are improved by the heat element. Far infrared helps burn calories and reduce obesity. FIR has been shown to reduce symptoms of Raynaud’s syndrome, Lupus, and Chronic Fatigue.

Mechanism of Healing in Far Infrared
The human body is capable of absorbing infrared light wavelengths between 3 and 50 microns. The most beneficial have been found to be the waves between 6 and 14 microns, with the best absorption rate at 9.4 microns. The light rays penetrate into the body to a depth of three inches, providing deep heating to muscles and organs…

To read full article please go to NaturalNews.com…

I have included this information because I found it very helpful to understand how FAR Infrared Therapy works and its benefits are delivered.

And how a therapeutic product such a the Draper Therapy Products (for Horses, Pets, & People) can be of benefit.
See related article on Draper Therapy Products.

Visit this link to Shop Draper Therapy Products

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Products On the Cutting Edge: Draper Equine Therapy Products


Draper Therapy Products are providing revolutionary therapeutic wear for horses, pets & people. 

Light & FAR Infrared Therapy is delivered simply by wearing Draper Therapy Products.   It may sound too good to be true, but clinically tested results have been increased blood flow, increased tissue oxygenation, and improved healing conditions with reduction of pain.

The key is in the smart fiber called Celliant which is incorporated into a range of Draper Fabrics that are specified for each sportswear item’s unique needs. 

All Draper Therapy Products are made of the technologically advanced, clinically proven, medical standard, Celliant.  

Celliant® is the world’s most technologically advanced fiber that is a proprietary blend of minerals which have been extruded into a polyester fiber. Celliant encourages not only alleviation of pain and other negative symptoms, but an actual improvement of the body’s natural systems. Celliant’s oxygen studies were done independently by three separate doctors and all tests came to the same conclusion, that Celliant increases tissue oxygen levels which has been shown to increase performance, relieve pain and improve muscle recovery.

A separate study has also shown a statistically significant reduction in pain associated with diabetic neuropathy, arthritis and other conditions caused by poor blood circulation. One key mineral in Celliant is titanium dioxide which is photocatalytic, or light absorbing mineral. Electromagnetic energy given off by the body is absorbed (typically in the infrared and visible light ranges) and then reemitted into the body with modified wavelengths. This energy is then able to reach more deeply into the tissue due to the increased refraction and light scattering properties of the minerals in Celliant than it would have otherwise. In the tissue, the energy vasodilates blood vessels and allows more oxygenated blood flow to reach poorly circulating areas. The increased blood flow and tissue oxygen levels help muscles and joints combat stiffness, soreness and edema caused by aging, injury or arthritis.

View Video Link on Celliant

Products containing Celliant have no adverse effects as they work directly with the body to enable it to be more effective and as such can be used continually. Celliant is NOT a coating. As such, it never washes out of the fabric. The fiber is also non-toxic and biologically benign. It works with the body to help it do what it does naturally. All Draper Therapies products are made in the USA.


Many satisfied users have described the effects of better oxygenation on the body. More recently, the beneficial effects of Celliant fabric materials have been measured in a series of clinical studies, first among diabetics, then among healthy subjects. This is important because technologies like hyperbaric oxygen chambers claim to improve oxygen levels by causing you to breathe-in air richer in oxygen, but typical blood cells are already 95-100% saturated with oxygen when they reach their destination.

For more Information on FAR Infrared Therapy view this article.

Celliant Clinical Studies Link

Draper Therapy Products quality and style are as compelling as their therapeutic benefits.
We were very excited to be able to offer the Draper Therapy Product Line;  not only did they incorporate clinically proven & effective medically used textiles in their products, but the designs and workmanship of products that we received have consistently gone beyond our expectations.  In short, the quality of design and workmanship are unexcelled.

To see the range of  Draper Products visit this link.

For Horses                                                                       For Pets & People too!

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See this SPECIAL OFFER on Draper Therapy Products here!

Jon Ingram rides in the Draper Western Saddle Pad.

Hear what he has to say about their products.

Another satisfied Draper Fan, Selena O’Hanlon, Canadian Eventing Olympian..



Draper Advisory Board Member, Selena O’Hanlon and the Canadian Eventing Team win the Team Gold Medal at the 2011 Pan Am Games in Guadalajara, Mexico. (Photo courtesy of Cealy Tetley, no copyright infringement intended)

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These are privately owned saddles,  straight sales/no demo rides unless otherwise noted.  In order to convey full condition of saddle we can email the photo collection of the saddle you are interested in.  We recommend you be familiar with the models so that you know how they work for you and your horse.  For more information on any of the items listed below, Contact Karen:

  • Vogue Dressage – Mark II Saddle, 18″, Black color in all Soft Italian Leather, with 18″ scooped seat (fits slightly larger than the standard 18″ seat), & slightly shorter flaps.  1.5 years old.  Excellent Condition with minimal wear.  Comes with standard fittings: Standard Foam Panel Inserts, Small Knee Rolls & a Fhoenix Saddle Cover.   The Mark II is better suited for more sport horse type back shapes rather than full backed/baroque back shapes.

                 Asking $1,950.  Will furnish more photos, and is a straight sale – no demos.

Vogue Mark II in all Soft Italian Leather, scoop seat, and shorter flap.




  • Vogue GPS Saddle (all purpose) Package includes used EE Wither Shim Pad.   Excellent condition – light wear,  18″ Black All Purpose model, 18″ Size, All Soft Italian Leather.      Was Asking $2,100 NEW PRICE!  $1,400! Firm.   SOLD

used 'Vogue GPS - Mark I' - in beautiful condition




  • Vogue Dressage Saddle, 18″, Havana color in Soft Italian Leather with Suede Seat, w/ decorative stitching on flaps.  1.5 years old.  Excellent Condition with regular wear.  Was used regularly for about 9 months.    Asking $2,100.






Contact Karen if you are interested in any particular saddle.

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Try the NEW ‘MARK II’ Fhoenix Soft-Tree Saddle!  This is a great saddle for horses with TB type conformation.  Join the growing trial list to be one of the first to ride in the ‘Mark II’ in the US which is arriving soon.

Also available for trial:  New Demo Models of the Vogue, Fhoenix Standard, and Iberica available for demo.  Fhoenix Saddle Shop Page..

Not familiar with the Fhoenix Soft-Tree Saddles?  Read more about them here

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