Review on Thinline Pads


For a tack junky, saddle pads are a staple.  Yet even discriminating tackaholics will confess that the choices slim quickly when extreme performance and exacting fit are prioritized.

Thinline Pads were one of the first line of saddle pads we chose to offer because of the benefits their signature material offered in such minimal thicknesses.  Their signature material is used in Thinline’s saddle pads, hoof & leg protection, halters, and even bridles.


Saddle Fitter Pad

Saddle Fitter Pad

  • Extreme Shock Absorption:  95%
  • Thinnest Pad for Highest Shock Absorption- minimal affect on saddle fit
  • Ultra Thinline Material is 3/16″ thick!
  • Thinline Material is  1/4″!
  • Excellent Stabilizing Effects
  • Soft & Supple quality
  • Durability
  • Breathability
  • Anti-Microbial & Anti-Fungal Properties
Trifecta Pad in white

Trifecta Pad in white

Many world class equestrians from every discipline including Jumpers, Eventers, Endurance Riders, Dressage Riders, Polo Players, Western Riders and more have attested to Thinline’s astounding properties and have incorporated their favorite style Thinline pads or accessories into their routines.  Thinline products have been recommended by Saddle Fitter associations worldwide, in fact 80% of UK’s Master Saddlers recommend them.

And back specialists also have discovered Thinline’s potential to help riders with back issues.   Experts including Dr. Jim Warson, a neurosurgeon who founded

Ultra Thinline Contour Pad

Ultra Thinline Contour Pad

Front Range Brain & Spine Surgery and more recently has authored a book: the Rider’s Pain-Free Back recommend only ThinLine & UltraThinline pads for riders.

But at first glance, this simple unassuming pad material has had its share of skeptics, including me (until I tried it for myself!) .  I asked the makers at Thinline to tell us a bit more about their pad technology ..

How do the Thinline Products work?
Here is a description that might help us to visualize its effects:

Imagine a runner and his shoes…before his imaginary run, we add 2 inches of foam to the bottom of his running shoes.  As he moves into action, the foam will give and pitch with every step.  This runner’s foot will roll front, back and left, right giving him such an unstable feel he may worry about injury.  This is what we do to our horses as we add thick layers of padding under our saddles.  We create what is defined as pitch and yaw.

In comparison, let’s try a marathon running insole.  It is designed for athletes in motion.  It is thin, breathable, and absorbs impact rapidly without any cush.  It keeps the runner’s foot stable and he knows the feel of the next step will be just like the last.  He can move forward with strength and confidence.

Now let’s consider saddle fit.  Just like shoe fit, the ideal material used for our horse’s back should distribute shock, weight, and heat.  It should be non-slip to eliminate blistering or chafing.  It should relieve pressure or high impact points.  This leads us to  Thinline

But how can the Thinline Material really have such shock absorbing/distributing abilities?

Thinline is an open-cell foam which moves shock, weight, and heat laterally along the pad, boot, or girth.  Beginning as a liquid, microscopic cells are poured into a mold then polarized so that each cell lies end to end creating a tunnel.  Another layer is poured in the mold and polarized in a new direction.  In each Thinline pad, this process is repeated hundreds of times creating a honeycomb matrix.  This structure allows Thinline to move shock, heat, and weight laterally, much like the ripple effect of throwing a stone into water.  Thinline products also carry tensile strength so that pressure is actually distributed.  Behind every pressure point there is always a hollow point.  Thinline products work to relieve pressure points by adding to the hollow points.

See an example of its shock absorptive properties:


You can also provide the Thinline protection for your horse’s hoof & leg protection, girth, and halter & bridle needs..

1 of Thinline's Boot styles

1 of Thinline's Boot styles

Just Equus offers the complete line of Thinline’s products.   Please feel free to contact us with any questions or needs you may have.



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  1. Eric says:

    something along the same line is Baretek and they are now in full production after a slight halt.

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