FITS breeches in action

FITS breeches in action


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I was researching apparel the other day and came across an article on FITS Breeches posted on the  USEA Blog.   It was such a good read and spelled out all the things I love about FITS in such an entertaining way that I thought why write an article about FITS when I can simply share Emily Daily’s post on her blog?

This part is quoted with an exclamation:

With this in mind, here’s one of the main selling points for me… the FITS breeches are full seat pants, but they don’t feel like them. You know what I’m talking about… ever been walking around the show grounds in your leather-butted full seat breeches after a long, hot day of riding? You get that…”soggy diaper” feeling. And your fanny feels HUGE… I mean, it is completely padded with leather. Not fun. Not comfortable. Not practical! The cool thing about FITS is that they feel like normal breeches, but with all the added sticky-bottom features of the classic full-seat. FITS says, “Our patent pending design incorporates an athletic gusseted crotch that is leather-free and has no center seam thereby eliminating the tendency for the breeches to pull down at the crotch or feel in any way binding.” Not to be crude, but I’m loving that gusseted crotch feature…

Thanks Emily – our customers & I cannot agree more!

Needless to say if you find yourself wanting to ride in your very own pair of FITS breeches, you’ll know where to find them!  Yes, at FITS and also at our store!

If you are not already on our mailing list, email us to receive our Fall Promotion Flyer which includes some FITS Special Offers!

But you might ask, I want to learn more about their breech design!  Here is a link to FITS explanation about the engineering of their breeches..

Happy Riding!


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