The new SoftEE Bridle is here! – word has it.. THE most comfortable bridle available today.

Hoofdstel in SoftEE Bridle

For those of you who have touched, seen, or better yet, OWN a Fhoenix Soft-Tree Saddle,  you know how luxurious a bridle made of the same wonderfully soft leather would be.  The latest innovative product design by Heather Moffett is now here!  The SoftEE Bridle! Imagine soft to the touch, pliable, finest grade English leather whisper light on your horse’s sensitive head… NOT hard Butt Leather that is what most bridles are made from.  Designed by Heather Moffett and quality manufactured by Jeffries in the UK.  We are pleased to offer the SoftEE Bridle & SoftEE Reins at Just Equus!

Exceptional Comfort & Fit for the horse and Simple Elegance distinguish the SoftEE Bridle design.  During design development Heather Moffett tested her designs on different horses including the very sensitive eared stallion, Rei.  The final results:   the SoftEE Bridle has earned its name with flying colors!

Riding in Iberica & SoftEE Bridle

Heather Moffett & Rei in trot

Well I rode Rei in the bridle again today, and he has never gone so lightly, and just in his snaffle. He was almost as light as Sudi, who is one of the lightest horses I have ever ridden now that he is really settling into his work without being afraid of his own shadow.  But Rei, I have had consistent bitting problems with since his arrival exactly 4 years ago from Portugal…in the new bridle, he is the lightest I have ever felt him. Whether this lasts, remains to be seen, but he is going the best he has ever gone at the moment, so much better engagement of the hindquarters, and the bridle just seems to be the icing on the cake!!

The design of the SoftEE Bridle is simple in concept, yet much more adaptable to a custom fit for your horse.  It is based on the Portuguese bridle which allows for one less strap going behind the ears.  Simply one strap positions the noseband and supports the bit.  The headpiece is of such a soft leather that there is no need for a cutout behind the ears – it is that plush!  The final result is a lighter, luxuriously soft, and elegant bridle design that truly will fit your individual horse!

In addition, we are excited to offer the  SoftEE Reins!  The SoftEE Reins are made from the same finest grade English Leather with a strong but very fine webbing core, and with the soft leather giving a fantastic grip!

And all beautiful quality workmanship & materials as you would expect from Jeffries of England!

Luso stallion Rei, 11 yrs old. Photo taken by Dr Lucinda Evans and shared on Enlightened Equitation

Customers can order the SoftEE bridle at Just Equus.

There is a form to fill out so that one can be very specific about their sizing needs for a true fit.

SoftEE Bridle & SoftEE Reins are available  in colors:  Black & Havana

SoftEE Reins are available in 2 widths:  1/2″ and 3/4″

Click here for pricing.


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I'm a horse lover and energy healer. I am an architect and now focus my creative energies on the direct experience of Spirit, Healing, Energy Healing, and in particular for the benefit of horses & animals!
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