Review on English Cupreon Bits

Thought I’d share with you my personal experience with the English Cupreon Bits offered by Just Equus.  Having been a user of the Herm Sprenger Ultra Bits (with Aurigan) for many years, and having a horse with a difficult to fit mouth – low palate, small mouth space, and with definite opnions,  she was the perfect candidate on which to test Mikmar’s Cupreon Bits!

In the past she had been fitted with Herm Sprenger’s Ultra French link Loose Ring Snaffles in various widths, as well as Egg Butt Snaffle.  She protested the larger widths (although they are supposed to be milder, I think it was too much material in her mouth), and we finally settled on a thinner size Ultra French Link Loose Ring.   It wasn’t a perfect solution but was better than the rest, as she was busy with her bit as soon as she was bridled, not resistant or anxious, but busy.

Enter the English Cupreon Bits..

Cupreon ‘Ergom Lozenge’

I was curious to test this bit for two reasons, ‘Cupreon’ has one of the highest content copper alloys and its ‘Ergom Lozenge’ shape seemed wider than most french links on the market and I wondered if it would be a milder,  more comfortable fit in her mouth.   I was curious to see if her levels of salivation would be affected by the Cupreon too.

I bought the ‘Cupreon Eggbutt Snaffle’ w/Ergom Lozenge’ for my mare.

First impressions out of the box, it looked so pretty, the rose gold Cupreon material made up the full mouth piece, not just the ergom lozenge link.  Its fabrication was fine.  So what you see on your horse is the bit ring in silver, and the lovely rose gold of the mouth piece (in her case, the eggbutt).

On bridling, fit was perfect, and all was good to go.
We went for our test ride.  Especially on the trails where she gets a little amped, she usually is busier with her bit.  What I noticed from the outset was that she was much quieter with her bit on the trails.   She was very comfortable in her bridle throughout our ride.   As a rule over many rides, her salivation levels were higher with this bit – I attribute it to the Cupreon.  It is a softer metal than the HS Aurigan so chewing will leave a light mark on the metal, but horses seem to like its taste.  It’s also a warmer metal, perhaps the temperature difference in colder seasons is a plus too.

Ziba gave her new bit 4 hooves up!

Final note, a friend noticed my bridle hanging at my tack room the other day and made the comment, ‘What a beautiful bit.. (and somewhat tongue in cheek) – That bit’s nice enough to be part of an art collection!’



About justequus

I'm a horse lover and energy healer. I am an architect and now focus my creative energies on the direct experience of Spirit, Healing, Energy Healing, and in particular for the benefit of horses & animals!
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