Slow Feeders – from the horse’s mouth..

A happy customer emailed me earlier this week.   She had made a video to thank us for our Busy Horse Feeders! The ‘Busy Grande – SLOW FEEDER’ to be exact!  (We used to call it the ‘New Slow Grande’ as mentioned in the video – it is one and the same thing).

I just wanted to share her feedback with you.  Enjoy!

We have received so many customer testimonials about the Busy Horse Feeders – and especially the ‘New Slow Grande’ style (holds up to 2 flakes), and the ‘Slow Snacker’ style (perfect for minis – see photo below) that by now we could fill a small book.  They are simply that effective.  What we liked about this company’s design was that the workmanship and materials are excellent – they are strong and although they will eventually wear out – it takes quite a while.  We also felt that the webbing material would be much less abrasive than the metal grid that make up some slow feeders.   Furthermore, Jim Nash, the fireman (and now promoted to captain!) who designed them is just great to work with.  So we plan to continue to offer these wonderful horse feeders for years to come!

Specifically the Busy Horse ‘Snacker’, ‘Buffet- Slow Feeder’, or ‘Grande-Slow Feeder’ are the designs that have the smaller openings (the Snacker having the smallest openings at 1.5″ sq.).  They effectively slow the rate at which a horse will eat hay.  For stalled & paddocked horses they are a perfect way to provide a more continuous pattern of ‘grazing’ in captivity.   And quite a few customers would recommend them for pastured horses too!  Jack McCullough, up in Ontario, Canada, recently ordered 6 of the new ‘Grande Slow Feeders’ to feed his 6 horses (5 of who are over the age of 20).  We just received a note from him telling us how pleased he was with them; being a senior citizen himself, he said he was tired of making his way through the slush to put hay in the pasture, he has secured the feeders along the fence and it is making his life easier and taking less time to feed his horses now.  In addition it has minimized hay wastage.  He was so pleased with our service and the products that he is sending us a copy of the book he wrote called “Help, Save Me!” (a plea from the horses mouth too!)..  can’t wait to read it!

Here are some photos of some of our happy consumers:

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send us your photo and we’ll add it to the show!  email to

To order your Busy Horse Feeder click this link.

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I'm a horse lover and energy healer. I am an architect and now focus my creative energies on the direct experience of Spirit, Healing, Energy Healing, and in particular for the benefit of horses & animals!
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