Harnessing the power of ‘Group Buying’

I love this idea.  Group Buying simply makes sense to retailers and customers!  It harnesses the power of social buying to create volume discounts for our customers!  It also allows us, the retailer, to be able to offer greater discounts for our customers.

Here is how ‘Group Buying’ works:  We post a featured offer, take for instance our ‘FITS Group Buy Offer’ from our earlier post.  Imagine that you are interested in a pair of FITS Wind Pro Breeches and know how expensive they are, but would be willing to purchase them if they were $50 less than list price!

You can share this offer with your riding network, post on your favorite social forum etc, and simply try to raise interest in the topic to help generate a larger group of interested parties who would sign onto the offer..  As the group grows the discount would also grow as described on each individual offer.  For this specific offer, for a group of 2-4 the discount would be $15, and when the group became 5-7 the discount would be $30.  By the time 7 other buyers & you have registered to order a pair of FITS Winter Wind Pro Breeches, the price per pair would have fallen $50 from its original list price of $269 to $219!  A much more attractive purchase price!

To view an example, see our FITS Winter Wind Pro Group Buy Offer!

There is one step that I am usually leery of but also understand the need for, and that is the need to register in order to participate on our affiliated group buy site, however there is no cost for this service and there are no requirements.  This is a newer service which is not limited by locale and is not geographically limited.  We think this is a positive!  We plan to share far and wide and hope you will do the same (if/when you see a feature of interest)!

If you know of a product from Just Equus that you’d  like to see offered as a  ‘group buy’,  we welcome your suggestions and will do our best to feature them with this new service!  Please email your suggestions to info@justequus.com

Thank You!  Karen – Just Equus


About justequus

I'm a horse lover and energy healer. I am an architect and now focus my creative energies on the direct experience of Spirit, Healing, Energy Healing, and in particular for the benefit of horses & animals!
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