The New Vogue 2011 Soft-Tree Saddle

If you thought how could the Vogue get any better?  Think again.

The Vogue Soft-Tree Saddle shown in all Soft Italian Leather w/ optional decorative stitching on flaps.

Heather’s new 2011 design for the Vogue Soft-Tree Saddle is here!  It is simply called the ‘Vogue’.  On Just Equus, we will be using the term ‘Vogue 2011′ model as it may help for clarities’ sake.  The ‘Vogue 2011’ model follows its predecessors the ‘Mark I’ & ‘Mark II’ and has improved upon them.

No worries, it is very similar to the Vogue Mark I & Mark II in craftsmanship, materials, and its beautiful visual appeal.  In fact you would not be able to see any difference from it and the later Mark II saddles.   The 2011 difference is in the underside of the saddle…

Heather has adjusted the angle beneath the cantle area of the saddle so that its angle is milder than the Mark II.  It is more moderate an angle.  Note, Mark I’s had no angle.  The newest Vogue seems to be the best solution to fit the widest range of horse conformations:  from wide, flat backed horse to the sloped TB type back.

Also the front panel shape is in-between the shallow Mark I & the deeper Mark II shape.   This also was in response to fitting the broadest range of horse shapes.

One of the key features that the later make Mark I’s, Mark II’s and the new Vogue 2011 model have which I feel is crucial is the underside of cantle detail which curves up to follow the arch of the gullet.  This feature virtually eliminates potential for spinal point pressure which, for horses w/ protruding spines was always a concern.

Cantle Detail on Vogue '2011' models, later 'Mark I' models & 'Mark II' models

Here are Current Panel Options:

The removeable Standard Panel Inserts designed as an integral feature of the Vogue (come with the saddle).

The Smart Panel is available in sizes Medium, Large, or X-Large and in colors: Brown or Black to match the Vogue.

The Smart Panel  now comes in 3 Fill Options:

The Standard Fill Smart Panel is a fuller pad to be used as a replacement panel system in the Fhoenix Saddles or with bareback pads or saddles that do not have a panel system;

The Light Fill Smart Panel version is also to be used as a replacement panel system with the Fhoenix Saddles or the above mentioned saddles, but for horses with very full, flat backs needing less panel fullness;  and finally a new X-Light Fill Smart Panel has been designed to be used in addition to a saddle with its own panel system but needing more adjustable fill for a horse’s conformation, or to help to create more twist in flexible treeless saddles. (It has been used with the Sensation, the Freeform, and the Barefoot).

Finally, there is a new option which works really well for big moving horses where a firmer ride is desired.  We have found that our bevelled Felt Panel Inserts used in conjunction with a X-Light Smart Panel is ideal!
The Panel Systems are listed below from Softest to Firmest ride:

Standard Panel Inserts (come with each saddle)

Smart Panel,

bevelled Felt Inserts + X-Light  Smart Panel.


New Vogue Saddles in Dressage & GPS Models are available for demo within the US.

Visit these links to learn more about the:

Vogue Dressage Saddle,

Vogue GPS Saddle (all purpose),

Vogue GPT Saddle (jumping),

or Iberica Classical Dressage Saddle

and for their Accessories.


To set up your US trial or purchase of the new Vogue Saddle contact:


Contact Form

Thank You!  Karen,  Just Equus


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I'm a horse lover and energy healer. I am an architect and now focus my creative energies on the direct experience of Spirit, Healing, Energy Healing, and in particular for the benefit of horses & animals!
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