Artistry Unleashed: Manolo Mendez on Nature, Balance, And Horses.

by Hilary Austen, author of ‘Artistry Unleashed’.

Manolo Mendez


Why pursue artistry? In part because it may lead to great performance…yes. That’s important. But even more compelling is the path artistry opens to becoming deeply, even completely, involved in what you do…

Hilary Austen

I enjoyed this post – thoughts from the equestrian master & artist, Manolo Mendez.
Very much appreciate hearing his POV.

Hilary Austen’s book ‘Artistry Unleashed’ is actually a business book exploring the concept of Artistry through the work of horsemen, chefs, and painters alongside that of presidents, entrepreneurs, and organization consultants.

Manolo Mendez is an equestrian, (truly a living master), and an artist.  He works with all horses and people – humbly and expertly.  And only through one’s own inquiries or by word of mouth will one discover his vast credentials.   As one of the 6 Founding Riders of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art appointed by the King of Spain, he is as one of my customer’s described him, “a living legend”.

Here are some excellent articles by Manolo on the correct training of the horse & rider.


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I'm a horse lover and energy healer. I am an architect and now focus my creative energies on the direct experience of Spirit, Healing, Energy Healing, and in particular for the benefit of horses & animals!
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