Startling Information on Heavy Metal Toxicity in Animals.

Heavy metal toxicity – I believe it may be at the forefront of a number of growing environmental issues that are causing cancer and disease in animals and people.  I am not a vet or doctor, but am simply sharing my opinion and more importantly information I have come across in my readings.

A new acquaintance, Cristina, just told me about her dog who was diagnosed with Alzheimers.   While we talked about her pets I remembered watching an interview with Larry Jones, the trainer of the talented TB, Eight Belles who passed so tragically.  He said that months after the loss of Eight Belles, he began experiencing growing memory loss and confusion – what seemed to be symptoms of Alzheimers.  It worsened to a point that he could not run his business, he eventually had to retire from work.  Initially his doctors diagnosed him with Alzheimers.  He later consulted with a doctor who tested him for heavy metals and found that levels of Aluminum in his body were extremely high.  They surmised that his antipersperant were a likely source of the Aluminum (although it could have been much more).  He was treated for Aluminum toxicity.   In the months that followed, his Aluminum levels returned to normal and his mental abilities recovered as well.  He was able to return to his training practice (the interview was before the race of the talented filly, Joyful Victory, at the Kentucky Oaks in 2011).  Personally I have many criticisms of the race industry and do not agree with many of their practices, but I do watch the Kentucky Derby sometimes and was interested in what Eight Belle’s trainer had to say.  I imagined that Larry faced a tough period in his life during the months after that fateful race..

Anyways, I asked Cristina if her vet had tested her dog for heavy metal toxicity.  She said “No” and that her dog was receiving the drug Selegiline, standard treatment for Alzheimers in dogs.  Her vet said that people can suffer from Aluminum toxicity but not dogs.   That statement piqued my curiosity.
Here is some information I found on the topic shared by Holistic Vets concerned about this issue after seeing so many cases of heavy metal toxicity in their patients.  It contradicts what this particular vet believes.  And in my opinion, is information that any vet should be familiar with..





This quote from Holistic Vet, Stephanie Chalmers DVM, DACVD, CVH, sums it up perfectly:

A 2006 report from the World Wide Health Organization estimated that 85% of all human disease is linked to environmental pollution. Our testing reveals that the same chemicals and heavy metals that contribute to disease in people also contribute to disease in dogs and cats. These toxins are two of the reasons for the alarming increase in the rate of cancer in animals: cancer is now the number two cause of death in dogs. Hyperthyroidism in cats is an example of chemical toxicity (Bisphenol-A, flame retardants).  Chemical and heavy metal toxicity should be suspected whenever animals are not responding to holistic therapy.

If we are to stop the escalating spiral of disease and bring health care costs under control, we must turn our health care system around. The only way to accomplish this is to address the causes of disease. We must reduce exposure to pollutants, support natural detoxification and provide appropriate nutrition. We must also examine health care practices such as vaccination protocols and the over-use of drugs and insecticides.”



In addition to information above, you may be wondering if there are ways to detoxify aside from chelation…  Adjusting one’s diet is an effective solution.  In addition, the natural minerals Calcium Montmorillonite & Zeolite are proven to reduce levels of heavy metals in the body thereby aiding in detoxification.  Here are some informational links on Zeolite:





We recommend excellent Zeolite formulations by Holistic Vet, Dr. Erin Zamzow called  VivoAnimals.

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