These are privately owned saddles,  straight sales/no demo rides unless otherwise noted.  In order to convey full condition of saddle we can email the photo collection of the saddle you are interested in.  We recommend you be familiar with the models so that you know how they work for you and your horse.  For more information on any of the items listed below, Contact Karen:

  • Vogue Dressage – Mark II Saddle, 18″, Black color in all Soft Italian Leather, with 18″ scooped seat (fits slightly larger than the standard 18″ seat), & slightly shorter flaps.  1.5 years old.  Excellent Condition with minimal wear.  Comes with standard fittings: Standard Foam Panel Inserts, Small Knee Rolls & a Fhoenix Saddle Cover.   The Mark II is better suited for more sport horse type back shapes rather than full backed/baroque back shapes.

                 Asking $1,950.  Will furnish more photos, and is a straight sale – no demos.

Vogue Mark II in all Soft Italian Leather, scoop seat, and shorter flap.




  • Vogue GPS Saddle (all purpose) Package includes used EE Wither Shim Pad.   Excellent condition – light wear,  18″ Black All Purpose model, 18″ Size, All Soft Italian Leather.      Was Asking $2,100 NEW PRICE!  $1,400! Firm.   SOLD

used 'Vogue GPS - Mark I' - in beautiful condition




  • Vogue Dressage Saddle, 18″, Havana color in Soft Italian Leather with Suede Seat, w/ decorative stitching on flaps.  1.5 years old.  Excellent Condition with regular wear.  Was used regularly for about 9 months.    Asking $2,100.






Contact Karen if you are interested in any particular saddle.

*     *     *

Try the NEW ‘MARK II’ Fhoenix Soft-Tree Saddle!  This is a great saddle for horses with TB type conformation.  Join the growing trial list to be one of the first to ride in the ‘Mark II’ in the US which is arriving soon.

Also available for trial:  New Demo Models of the Vogue, Fhoenix Standard, and Iberica available for demo.  Fhoenix Saddle Shop Page..

Not familiar with the Fhoenix Soft-Tree Saddles?  Read more about them here

*         *        *





About justequus

I'm a horse lover and energy healer. I am an architect and now focus my creative energies on the direct experience of Spirit, Healing, Energy Healing, and in particular for the benefit of horses & animals!
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8 Responses to Used FHOENIX SOFT-TREE SADDLES For Sale

  1. Carolyn Myre says:

    Hello is the 18 inch black vogue dressage still for sale? if so, is this the Mark I or Mark II? Thx! Carolyn

    • justequus says:

      Hi Carolyn,
      Thanks for your inquiry – This is a Mark I ‘Vogue’. I will check on this for you. There was a person interested in it, but have to confirm with the owner of the saddle if she sold it to her or not. Will be in touch shortly..
      Best regards,
      Karen, Just Equus

      • Carolyn Myre says:

        Okay thank you! Another saddle deal I was looking into fell through, so please let me know when you find out if this saddle is still available. Thanks kindly. Carolyn

      • justequus says:

        Hi Carolyn,
        I’m sorry but this saddle was just sold last week. The Vogue – Mark I in Havana is still available however.

  2. Carolyn Myre says:

    Thanks for the quick response I’ll have to resort to purchasing a new one as much as I know I’ll be happy with the new Mark II anyways. Carolyn

    • justequus says:

      We can help you with the Mark I & II sales in the US, but I have sent you the contact info for our Canadian Rep.
      Enjoy your new Mark II!

  3. Tamar Begley says:

    Hi, is the 18″ vogue dressage, havana color still for sale? How does the seat size compare to the standard tree’d saddles? I ride in a 17.5!
    Thank you.

    • justequus says:

      Hi Tamar,
      Yes, this saddle is available.
      The 18″ size Vogue Dressage – Mark I is described to fit like a 17″-17.5″ treed, but the feel is much softer and the fit will be more like a glove – you do not need the space behind your seat in the cantle as you would in a treed. The seat will sort of form to fit your shape more.
      If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me or call and we can discuss.

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