About me

Hi, I am the founder of Justequus.com, I’ve always loved horses, animals, art, and design and am a licensed architect who studied at UC Berkeley & Harvard.  My greatest happiness is being with and thinking about horses, better designs for horses & riding, and better ideas for horse care.  In architecture you need to be creative, but also exacting and research oriented.  I’ve been able to invest my own ‘talents’ so to speak towards my new obsession:  Just Equus!

Agreed, I’m a horse fanatic as perhaps you may be, having found this blog!

Full of self-doubt about starting this blog, I hope to share my wonder of the horse, as well as thoughts and stories about the products and people behind the excellent products offered at Just Equus.  For I have found through working with the many companies and the people running them, that their stories all have a common thread – heart & soul love of the horse!

May your horse journey be joyful & harmonious,

Karen Hisata

Just Equus