Against All Odds: Ted Turner’s Story

Ted Turner is a striking Sabino Paint owned by Suzanne Kuric.  His story is included in our Horse Stories because there are horses who may have been deemed unsaveable, who have in fact been saved.  Ted Turner is living proof.   His description is below, and his story written by Suzanne follows.

Ted Turner’s Veterinary Diagnosis: Wobblers, EPM, Allergies, Arthritis, Metabolic Disorder and Bone Lesion

Horse Name and Age: Ted “Turner”, 9 yrs old

Owner and Location: Suzanne of Westlake Village, CA

Turner Cost Comparison: XLS Spreadsheet

Ted Turner recovered from a fatal condition that none of the experts could reverse. Ten of thousands of dollars were spent to find a cure. Turner, at the age of five, had a surgical procedure designed for Wobblers.

Unfortunately the surgery did not remove or minimize his symptoms. After 3 years of every possible treatment devised by the medical field, at the age of 9 years old, the prognosis was hopeless and incurable and it was recommended Turner be put down. He could no longer walk or lie down.

Luckily in March 2007 good fortune merged the paths of Lisa St.John and my beautiful horse Turner. Lisa watched Turner’s broken body as he tried to walk. His movement was so compromised by his failing muscles that he walked more like a crab than a horse. But Lisa was able to see beyond his feeble state and with encouraging plans about his future, began him on a her program; which consists of the performance blend, herbal supplements, whole food nutrition, hot stone massages, Rahseaka treatments and an exercise program.

As the weeks went by, so did his symptoms. It was not long after that hope replaced hopelessness. Nine months later I placed a saddle on his back and we went on a trail ride. Then there was talk of seeing him perform again in the show ring. My true acknowledgment of his healing came a year after being on Lisa’s program. Turner was thoroughly examined by Dr. Gleusteen, one of the highly respected veterinarians in the area who had ironically supported putting Turner down and out of his misery, and gave Turner a perfect bill of health. Her prognosis was also based on the quarter-sized bone lesion which no longer appeared in the x-ray which was located on his front leg.

The evidence of the present day x-ray shocked Dr. Gleusteen because she had stated (a year ago), due to the location of the lesion and its size, that there was little hope of recovery. But now it is completely gone, miraculous but TRUE!


Turner is now a healthy horse. A statement that can be spoken because a stalwart animal lover named Lisa St.John didn’t shudder when she heard those spine chilling words, hopeless and incurable. Turner is being qualified for his debut in the show arena. On May 10, 2009, Turner will compete in Western and English pleasure classes at a local open show.

Many spectators will stand by the rails and give their support to this amazing horse. In the hearts of many, especially Lisa St. John, Turner will receive a blue ribbon the moment he steps into the show arena because he defied all odds.

May 11,2009: Turner Received a yellow ribbon at his debut western pleasure show in Los Angeles, California.    The judges said he should have received a blue ribbon, but he broke gate slightly as a women walked by the show arena.  Normally when a horse breaks gate in a show they are dropped to last place, but Turner moved so beautifully they only dropped him 2 placements.  You can view Turners first show below on the youtube video produced by Suzanne herself..


Amazing. Miraculous …These are words commonly used to describe the recovery of animals under Lisa’s care. –Suzanne

Lisa St. John’s Services can be seen at ‘Lavender Sage’

Here is a link to Lisa St. John’s Healing Program (within this blog)

Here is an interview of Lisa that was conducted by Larisa Cox of Tack n Talk.


2 Responses to Against All Odds: Ted Turner’s Story

  1. AVRIL WILSON says:

    What a lovely story my heart felt congratulations to both Lisa and Tuner

  2. justequus says:

    Thanks for your post Avril! I’m really grateful that Lisa shared her story with us. Miracles happen!

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