Vogue Soft-Tree Saddle Index

This page is an index for all my posts about Heather Moffett’s Soft-Tree Saddles & Accessories.  Links are ordered with the most recent posts at the top.

The Vogue Dressage Saddle in Black All Soft Italian Leather (shown w/ decorative stitch option)

The Vogue Soft-Tree Saddle In Action, January 2010

The New Vogue 2011 Soft-Tree Saddle,  January 2010

Customer Feedback on the Vogue – Mark II, August 2010

The Newest Fhoenix Saddle:  The Mark II, April 2010

Used Fhoenix Soft-Tree Saddles for Sale, ongoing

Smart Panel Update, December 2009

The New Smart Panel.. October 2009

The Fhoenix Soft-Tree Saddle & Its Maker,

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To set up your Vogue Soft-Tree Saddle Trial

or for saddle & accessory inquires,

contact Karen:



& visit Just Equus Store – Vogue Saddle Section

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