The Vogue – Mark II

(Note:  Today the newest version of the Vogue are the 2011 models, this article was published early in 2010).

Exciting News just in from UK’s Enlightened Equitation:


LIMITED TIME OFFER FOR $200 SAVINGS + $50 GIFT CREDITS with your purchase of a New  ‘MARK II’ DRESSAGE SADDLE  (from our in-stock Dressage & GP Models that have arrived in the US)!

Call Karen – Just Equus  to inquire   650-851-2412

Heather Moffett in collaboration with her team of saddlers has just introduced  the newest  Fhoenix saddle design to complete her reknown line of  Soft-Tree Saddles.  Introducing  the new  ‘MARK II’  Soft-Tree Saddle!

The ‘MARK II’ Saddle is designed to accomodate an even greater range of horse conformations and is also ideally suited for the high-withered, more A-framed or sloping backs of light framed TB or Warmblood types.

Very similar in appearance to the ‘Vogue’ Saddle, the ‘Mark II’ difference is beneath and within.  The ‘Mark II’ line comes in the Vogue & Fhoenix Standard designs with the essential ‘Mark II’ difference:

The ‘Mark II’ Fhoenix Soft-Tree Saddle,

in the Vogue Dressage Model

The following description is provided by Enlightened Equitation and quoted from Fiona’s article posted in Fhoenix Saddle Ltd. :

The ‘Mark II’ saddles have a 3cm wedge built in to the underside of the saddle, which means that the saddles mould better around the horse’s back without the need for alternative panels. On flat-backed horses the flexible nature of the saddles enables the panels to flex upwards to conform to most back shapes.

'Mark II' Cantle

The Mark II Cantle detail

'Mark II' Panel Inserts
‘Mark II’ Panel Insert

*     *     *

The front of the panels on the Mark II saddles are more paddle shaped, enabling a better fit for horses with atrophy or with less supplementary padding.  The paddles will “wing” outward over broad shouldered horses, and give a greater bearing surface on all types of horse.

*     *     *

Mark II Underside

*       *       *

As in the Vogue “Mark I”, the panel inserts are removeable and can be pulled from their soft leather velcroed panel pockets.  At owner’s discretion, an alternative panel system, the Smart Panel can also be used if so desired.  The beauty of the Fhoenix Saddle is not only aesthetic, but inherent in its conception.  It is a true comfort-fit, multi-fit, and comprehensive saddle solution.

To learn more or to set up your US Fhoenix Saddle Trial,

contact Karen

US Agent for Fhoenix Soft-Tree Saddles & EE Accessories

Just Equus



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