The Vogue Soft-Tree Saddle in Action

For those of you interested in Heather Moffett’s Vogue Soft-Tree Saddle you may like to view it in action.   Therefore I am compiling a list of links to Vogue Saddle owner’s videos.  Bookmark this post as it will continue to grow as people submit their videos.


Here is some information about Heather Moffett, classical dressage trainer and the designer of (amongst a long list of excellent products), the SBS, Fhoenix, & Vogue, a succession of revolutionary Soft-Tree Saddles.

Heather Moffett riding Lusitano Stallion REI in a Vogue Iberica Soft-Tree Saddle

In the following link Heather Moffett is using the EquiSimultor to a teach rider and compares a traditional treed saddle and the Vogue soft-tree saddle and their relative  affects on the rider.  Notice the ideal alignment of the rider in the Vogue.  I love the way Heather explains riding concepts!

Heather Moffett’s Video

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Trainer Kris Barrett riding Sucandi Lusitano TREY


Kris Barrett of Barrett Training, is located in North Carolina, and clinics throughout the US.  She regularly travels to Brazil and rides the Sucandi Lusitanos and also offers select Lusitanos for sale in the US.  She takes her Vogue Soft-Tree Saddle, (it’s very light!) on her trips to Brazil.  Here are some links of her riding various gorgeous Lusitanos in her Vogue:

Kris riding Sucandi Lusitano Stallion, Brilho HI, born 2005.

Kris riding Sucandi Lusitano Stallion, Cintilante dos Pinhais, born 2006.

Kris riding Sucandi Lusitano, Xiz 13 IGS, born 2003?.  Xiz was having a lot of discomfort and tension when Kris first started riding him.  Despite adjusting and refitting treed saddles, he never was comfortable.  He was the first horse that she bought the Vogue for.  She wrote to me that Xiz’s body worker was very pleased with his condition now.  He is developing well and no longer is resistant in his lateral work.

Kris Riding Sucandi Lusitano Stallion, Universo TPB da Prata, born 2001.

There are quite a few other Lusitanos she has ridden in the Vogue with equally beautiful results, but they have been sold and their videos are no longer available to see.

All Kris’ rides shown above are with her ONE Vogue Soft-Tree Saddle!

I have been using the saddle on many different horses here and they all love it!

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Shannon Olson on her Andalusian, Sonho


I am just amazed at the earth-shattering training break-throughs I am seeing with my new Vogue.  My very sensitive and shapely Andalusian gelding – the one who’s saddle fit woes, originally lead me to the Heather’s Fhoenix Saddle, was much improved with the older model Fhoenix, over any other saddle I used with him.  Now I am so pleased to report, that the Vogue has brought on a new “quantum leap” in his training!

His canter, which was our biggest frustration, is now, for the first time in years, progressing and actually quite lovely to ride.   I think he is actually quite talented, but there was just too much movement in his back for a rigid tree to accommodate.  It is the uphill leaping kind of canter, that we are supposed to strive for!

I feel as if I sit totally balanced at the canter now (I used to have to hang on with my legs for dear life) and he feels my seat cues as well as bareback (but without the sharpness of bone no bone!)  He will piaffe with slack reigns totally off of my seat – I don’t claim to be that talented at any of this – my horse is the gifted one.  Then today, after some lessons inspired by Bettina Drummond’s working in hand videos, we got our first marked steps ever of piaffe backwards!  All with very soft reigns and aids – actually today I was demoing a Vogue GPT for the first time – we loved it – works great for dressage too;)

Thank you Heather for helping my favorite horse friend and I accomplish some training milestones, never before achieved with any other saddle – that we were not sure were possible, after years of training roadblocks, I realize now, mainly caused by rigid saddles!

Shannon is our US Distr. for the Vogue Saddle & needless to say a huge fan!

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Erin Diehl riding in her Vogue riding various horses of different shapes and sizes.

Erin Diehl rides & trains many horses regularly in her Vogue Saddle.

I was riding and training over 10 different horses (and then some – I think every horse on the farm wore my saddle! cause I refuse to ride in any other) so I rode every shape and size of horse possible with little to no adjustments needed.

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Louise Montague riding Tucker

Louise Montague showing Tucker

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Janet Bennett & Jinx enjoying the country

Janet Bennett & Jinx in Perthshire, Scotland

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VOGUE Soft-Tree Saddle reviewed on ‘Horse Tack Review’

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More links to come soon, stay tuned!

To all Vogue Saddle owners:

Let’s share the news about our amazing Vogues, it can help so many horses & riders! You are invited to include your story/experience and also a link to your riding videos by posting it in a comment below or be emailing me.    If you are trainer, please include your information and a website address that we can link to.  Thank You!

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