“All truth passes through three stages.  First, it is ridiculed.  Second, it is violently opposed.  Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. “
Arthur Schopenhauer

Suzanne Kuric had a horse named Ted Turner who was deemed incurable and whose life would end.  Suzanne Kuric is also the happy owner of an amazing & happy horse named Ted Turner today!  She and I met over facebook when we discovered that we both were following Lisa St. John’s nutrition program.  Ziba had done so well and then went through a tough spot and I had shared my discouragement with her (& everyone else for that matter!).   She emailed me to share some of her experiences with me.

Although Ziba was doing REALLY WELL, I mean, never better on any other regimen, what I found was that Ziba’s healing process was not a straight trajectory upwards;  it was actually an upward spiral with highs and lows.  The highs gave me such great hope and yet I learned that she would experience healing ‘crises’ too.  When her body was ready to rid itself of waste and toxins, her body would elimate.  Symptoms were joints would become swollen, her system would become gaseous, her eyes would run, and her skin would erupt.  These periods (the couple she has experienced) were short lived but intense.  And afterwards I found that she would make a huge improvement in mobility & overall health from her condition before the crisis.   But during a tough stretch last summer, it had shaken my faith and tested my commitment.   It was then that Suzanne wrote to encourage me.  Her letters were such a great support, and with her blessing, I thought I’d share them with you for those of you who may be on the same journey or about to undertake it..

Hi Karen,
I thought you might be interested in seeing a recent video of Turner.  It was taken this past Saturday and shows his progress after he overcame his debilitating condition known as Wobblers.
Although it is hard to imagine from watching this video, he was once so compromised that he would compensate for his weakened side by walking more like a crab (moving in a sideway’s posture) than a horse.
His recovery is completely attributed to Lisa St. John @ LavenderSage Inc. and her nutritional therapy program.   But, a lot of credit must be given to Turner for his incredible will to live.  Yeah, Turner!!!  We are all so proud of him.

(‘Ted Turner Today’ video link is at the bottom of this post)

*       *       *

Hi Karen,

I remember Turner’s clearings (and, also, Fletcher’s – my other horse).   Boy, do I remember them.   Those memories aren’t vivid because the clearing episodes were “violent” (in fact, they were very minor demonstrations of the “cramping” that you alluded to in your email below).   BUT, they are well remembered because as a newbie to the “healing process” I labeled them as colic episodes.  Those five letters, combined in that fashion, makes the most avid horse owner weak in the knees.

The 1st time that it happened, I was frozen by fear.  “What do I do?”   Like you, I called Lisa, left a message and tried to wait patiently for her return call.  Meanwhile, walking Turner around, muttering to myself, “Is this going to pass or get worse!?”    “Should I use the usually prescribed drug to alleviate his discomfort!?”  “Oh, I don’t want to see him in pain!?”

I did receive a call back from Lisa, which she told me to celebrate because he had his 1st clearing.   Celebration wasn’t my idea on how to handle the situation because I was dealing with a bit of remorse.  Why remorse?   Because before receiving Lisa’s call, I did administer Banamine.  The regret comes from the fact that I might have “short-sheeted” the process of his clearing, which made his healing take a little longer.

After the 1st episode, I began researching the difference between the approaches of allopathic vs. holistic medicine (aka controlling the symptoms vs. removing the disease).

I began to respect the avoidance of drugs.  For example:

Although steroids are very common for treating many symptoms (and can be very effective), I developed an appreciation fo its side effects and its diminishing return over time.

Or, take Tildren for example.   It is great for demineralization of the bone (like in navicular changes).  Since the drug suppresses the function of the body (in this case, bone resorption) to alleviate the destruction of bone mass what happens to other “healthy” bones during the administration period.   My inquiry is based on the fact that during our life cycle, cells are “born” and die as a natural regeneration of the body.  The dead cells need to be removed as well as mutated (cancerous) ones.  Since Tildren inhibits the activity of osteoclasts, what happens to the bone cells that need to be removed (dead or cancerous ones) in other parts of the body?  Will research show that horses given Tildren for any length of time, have a higher risk for bone cancer?

This “research” of drugs (and injectable supplements) began the investigation of my appropriation of risk vs. benefits to determine when to use “drugs” for the betterment of my horses’ health.  My conclusion . . . the administration of drugs are very rarely required now that my horses have a good nutritional and herbal diet.

I am not an expert in medicine . . . just very interested in the industry.

I have not discuss the subject of Lisa’s practice with many vets.   The one that gave Turner a clean bill of health was aware of his treatments but didn’t show any interest in the particulars.  She did say, “What ever you are doing, keep on doing it because it works!”

One of Lisa’s clients and a friend of mine has had some success in introducing vets to Lisa.   The vets are astonished by the reversal of an endocrine problem in her German Shepherd, Sam.  I am happy to see that the vets want to know more so they can help those animals that are not responding to drug treatment.  So there is hope.

Thanks for letting me use this email to express some of my interests.  I love seeing happy and healthy animals and truly, truly believe Lisa has the right stuff to make this possible.

Talk to you soon,


*       *       *
Hi Again Karen,
If you need a good laugh, I can provide you with some humorous stories.  But for now, please let me share:
One of the very best parts about Turner’s healing is that I got to see the skeptics “eat crow”.   A few of the nay-sayers watched the video of Turner showing in May 2009 and sent their congratulations.   Those accolades came from people who scoffed at me for feeding my horses fruits and vegetables.   “Ridiculous!”, they said.   Adding, “You can’t expect foods to heal a horse.”
I would explain that it wasn’t just foods but herbs.  It was healing sessions.  And therapeutic exercises.   It is a w-holistic program designed by Lisa St. John.
Some of the people were not so nice.  Some were downright disrespectful.  Some said that it was inhumane to keep him alive.  “No medicine or surgery has improved or will improve his condition.   You have to admit there is nothing more that can be done for him.  He is broken!”
Huh!   Today, he is alive and in condition for competition not the grave!
My sister was one of the skeptics.   Now, she commissions Lisa for support.
For instance, when my sister was looking to buy a particular horse, she called Lisa.   Lisa did a reading on the horse and informed my sister about his health concerns.  Although my sister had already had a veterinarian pre-purchase examination, some of the conditions that Lisa had mentioned didn’t come up during the exam.   So, my sister loaded the horse into the trailer, took him to the same clinic and ask the vet to take x-rays of his front feet.   Sure, enough, just like Lisa had said, the horse had navicular changes in the right foot.  Not the left, just the right.  The exact foot that Lisa stated had the particular issue.
Unfortunately, my sister’s respect is shielded from the public because she doesn’t want to be “judged” by her peers.    This situation may be sad for her horse (yes, she purchased him because Lisa said he could be healed) if she waivers and gives into the peer pressure that tells her to use medicine or surgery to see true results.
I am soooo glad I am over the pain induced by peer pressure because had I succumbed to it (thankfully Lisa was there to help me through the hard times) I might have seen Turner’s ending the way the skeptics had seen it.
Hope this email doesn’t come across as a preach but as compassion to your situation.  Hang in there!  Your horse will love you for it!
*       *       *
*       *       *
*       *       *
Here is a video Suzanne sent to me of  Ted Turner Today!

Here is Lisa St. John’s site:  LavenderSage

*       *       *
the end



  1. Christi and Bill Engel-Freimuth says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience with Lisa St. John. We are into our forth month working with Lisa to heal our Irish Setter of epilepsy. The clearings are difficult to get through and just as you did, when his skin is erupting and his ears and eyes are running, we wonder if it’s the right thing. And each time a clearing is past, Riley is stronger, happier, and healthier.
    While taking 260 mg. of phenobarbital daily he was continuing to have multiple seizures. We were losing him to the meds and he was still suffering. A friend put us in touch with Lisa and we immediately stopped feeding him processed food. We started by getting him strong with veges, fruit, homemade chicken soup, and Lisa’s herbs. Within two weeks of this diet we were able to start weening him off the pheno. Of course, as we reduced the medication we were completely expecting him to seize – he didn’t! Over the course of three months we weened him from the phenobarbital completely and he has never had another seizure.
    We are still in it with him and with Lisa. He has a couple more cleanses to go through. We are completely dedicated to Lisa and her process. Her love and Riley’s will to heal continue to amaze me.

    Christi Engel

    • justequus says:

      Hi Christi,
      Thanks for sharing your experiences on Lisa’s program – what great news about Riley! I only wish I had known Lisa when our Miniature Schnauzer Milo was having his seizures, tumors, & blindness.. he passed a few years back. If you care to share updates – please do!!
      Take care, Karen

  2. Hello, I really liked this information, I hope you continue updating, Greetings

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