June  1,  2010 – an ongoing log


(For background information on Ziba leading to this progam, read the Introduction of Ziba’s Healing Journal & ‘Facing Degenerative Joint Disease’)

On the evening that I decided to find a good retirement situation for my mare, Ziba, I ended up finding Lisa St. John instead!

Please bare with me if you read the previous journal entry, but for newcomers, I’d like to describe how Lisa St. John came to be a part of my horse’s healing program.   Sadly I was contemplating alternatives, and working on the computer when I happened to read on one of the horse forums I frequent (UDBB perhaps?) a post by someone posting about someone who said that her horse’s life was SAVED by Lisa St. John.   Curious, I followed the link to see a very old horse named Petal on Youtube.  She was treated by Lisa over a course of months.  The transformation of this horse documented from beginning to a year later led me to search for more cases treated by Lisa on Youtube.  Horse after horse was not only saved, but transformed!   Who was this person?

I visited her website: LavenderSage and read an article about Lisa St. John.  There was a photo of a picture pretty face framed in waves of brown hair with hauntingly blue  eyes.  Could this lady really work the magic that people claimed?  The way I see it, people do not usually think so far outside the box until they are desperate for a solution.  Most of Lisa’s horse patients were at the end of their life road, and deemed unsaveable by there regular healthcare givers by the time their owners found her.  When I saw the video of Foxy, I knew I had to call Lisa.

Lisa St. John

*     *     *

Our first appointment was by phone.  With a photo of my horse to meditate on, Lisa  introduced herself to and then ‘read’ my horse, Ziba.  This was done telepathically as we are a few states away from each other.   She told me that Ziba was a smart horse (true that) and she understood many things.  She also saw the deep bond between us – Ziba was content, happy, and full of love in her heart.   She confirmed my suspicions that she had been ridden hard and roughly handled in the distant past;  she had become very cynical about people in general – but she was a different horse now.  This all rang true to me as I remembered the nickname people had given her early on – ‘Godziba’ (remember the old monster movies?)..

What she saw physically was a horse with a long term systemic fungal infection which had affected her joints and more.   This made complete sense to me as the vets were not able to explain why my horse had certain symptoms:  Incurable thrush (despite all the barefoot thrush treatments & low sugar diet), skin eruptions similar to ringworm on a regular basis, itchy skin, dermal issues on her midline, swollen mammaries (but not diagnosed as mastitis), and seasonal problems with her lymphatic system.  Somehow for Ziba, her explanation seemed to make sense to me.  She said that the arthritis would be easy to address, and that Ziba’s cataracts (early formation before 7 yrs – not diagnosed as moon blindness) would be more difficult.

She also noted that Ziba’s intestinal lining was very weak and that we needed to strengthen it before putting her on the herbs.  Each horse’s dietary needs may differ slightly – for Ziba this is what she listed for her base diet.  Note that this diet is not for every horse, but specifically to address Ziba’s needs.  After hearing what it included, I was very skeptical that she would eat it;  my mare is VERY Picky and has in the past turned up her nose to watermelon, grapes, bananas, or anything else aside from grain, carrots, and apples.  Lisa said without skipping a beat, ‘tell her that this will help her’ and ‘don’t worry, after 2 weeks she WILL be eating her food”…

*     *    *


In September I started her on Lisa’s recommended daily diet of:

7-8 Carrots, 2 Yams, 2 green pears, 1 green apple, 1 orange, 1 banana, 1/2 an avocado, 2 cups ground flax, 2 big handfuls of spinach, 1 handful of parsley, 1- 2 leaves of kale.  All chopped in bite size bits.  (what we won’t do for those we love!)

With much enthusiasm I brought over Ziba’s first bowl of live food.  Her reaction was much less enthusiastic.  She sniffed it, made a face, picked out the carrots & apples, and left the rest for the raccoons and birds.  I was seeing $$$ go down the drain.

1 week later, Ziba was eating 1/3 of her bowl.

By 2 weeks, as Lisa had predicted, Ziba was now whinnying for her bowl to be served and eating almost everything!  She still picked out the Kale and left some Spinach.  But even the Avocados were GONE!!!

*     *     *


One month later Lisa’s HERBS arrived.  I opened the large burlap bag and breathed in the most heavenly aroma!  Lisa St. John’s herbs come as a custom mix for each individual horse and are completed with a healing blessing.   I made a mental note that I needed to clean up my basement and place these special herbs in a pleasant, cool spot befitting healing energies… It is still on my to do list but will happen.   That being said, each day I gather the veggies & fruit I’ll need to wash and chop, and my favorite part of the task is to open Lisa’s burlap bag of herbs for a little aromatherapy for me!

This whole process of food prep may seem to be a huge undertaking, but now I’ve streamlined it and it takes about 15 minutes each day.  It is influencing my own diet – I have  started using the same ingredients at hand to incorporate into my family’s meals and regularly munch on a little bit of raw yam myself – they taste like a cross between a carrot & potato and I’m not too fond of it but can manage a few morsels while I prepare Ziba’s meal.  According to Lisa, Yams are a super food and wonderfully rich in nutrients (DHEA rich, GCPD rich, also include beta-carotene, Potassium, & Vitamin A) , they are beneficial for hormone production, immune support, heart health, hydration,  and addressing arthritis which I am feeling the beginnings of..

Will post more about Ziba’s  healing process shortly…

*    *    *

October 28, 2010

Fall Update 2010

It’s almost Halloween & my horse is in Holiday Spirits!

Ziba has been on her program for about 10 months (+3 months off program at the beginning of 2010) and I have to say it has not been an easy road to recovery.  Her body would go through cycles of  ‘detoxing’ in which her stomach would distend with gas and she would be very uncomfortable, her skin would erupt and/or flake, and she would be sore in her joints.  And then a week or two later it would clear up and she would feel and move even better than before.  It has taken continued leaps of faith to stick with it when facing these crises.

Earlier in October, after a very tough end of the summer for myself (I fractured my back in a couple places while riding another horse), and for Ziba – going through her cycles of detoxing, I was very discouraged.

The other day, I walked her to the large sand ring (no tight circles for my ringbone mare) to free lunge her (no strong tugs on a lungeline for me).  Knowing she wouldn’t be yahooing around with her joint conditions, I let her loose and walked to the center of the ring.

Having walked about the Polo field a few laps, she was a bit warmed up and we started a few rounds of walk, then walk/trot transitions.  (Ziba will usually follow voice commands especially if  she smells a few treats in my pockets!)..

A few transitions later,  our relaxed warm up session started to heat up.  In trot, her strides started lengthening, and she started moving faster and faster with growing excitement.    I asked her to half-halt a bit and to slow her tempo and low and behold there was my mare in a beautiful airy trot at perfect tempo!  I hadn’t seen this for years!!!

On realizing she could MOVE AGAIN she let loose!  I vainly asked her to slow down but she’d have none of it.   While she let off some steam, I went over to the rail to chat with a friend.  A few minutes later, here comes Ziba galloping straight towards me at full speed I wondered if I should move but decided to wait for her – she came to a sliding stop right before me – her hooves almost touching my shoes.  Her expression of pure joy was priceless.

It brought tears to my eyes to see her this way.   I understood that this healing journey was not a bed of roses and there was more to come, AND that my horse was truly healing.

She no longer shuffles down the road – her piss and vinegar is back.  And although I didn’t appreciate her ‘tude before, I’m thankful to see her feeling so full of herself again!

I am forever grateful for Lisa St. John’s counsel and dedication to our horses.

*    *    *

June 10, 2011

Spring Update 2011

Much has happened since last I wrote.  Ziba was improving steadily and very comfortable on trail and returning to some light ring work.  But on February 11, 2011 she had a terrible accident – with a car.  Her injury was horrendous.  Luckily the driver, my friend Margaret, was just missed and wasn’t hurt despite the side of her car being smashed in.  Ziba on the other hand was severely injured and it was questionable whether she would survive after her 9 hour surgery and the weeks/months that would follow.  I will write an article about this, but haven’t quite been in the right frame of mind to go back to this event and subsequent months.  All I can say is that she made it and her phenomenal healing was an ongoing miracle.  In retrospect I would attribute her incredible recovery to having been in great health before the event – on Lisa’s diet, and also to her care during and after the crisis.   Will post more about this soon…

*        *        *

April 6, 2013

A HARD DAY TO RECOUNT – Feb. 11, 2011 that is

I finally got around to writing about the day of Ziba’s accident.  I believe Lisa St. John’s diet played a huge role in Ziba’s recovery.  Here is link to the story above.

*        *        *

Jumping ahead to today . . .

ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS THAT LISA ST. JOHN’S HEALING SERVICES ARE A CONTINUOUS MIRACLE!  If you don’t believe in miracles  – suffice it to say that her diet and healing services are truly amazing!

To read more about Lisa St. John’s Nutrition Program visit this link.

To see individual case studies of the horses she has helped visit this link.

(If you decide to contact her, please let her know you heard about her from Just Equus’ Blog,  Thank You!)


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    • Rene Denney says:

      HI Lisa I heard about you from Just Equus Blog.. I have a 3 year old filly that has ringbone in her front right pastern , Just got her in decemer of 2009, I didnt find out she had it til 4,5 months ago… .Noticed a bump on her pastern bone. Was told by my vet to never ride her.. I just started her on a supplement called mclntosh DMac.. and flex.. and am feeding her Purinas.. Evolution Juvenile horse feed… I heard about Magnetic bell boots (Bioflex) which am going to try.. and inquired about them , i got a email from Karen H, and heard her story about her horse Ziba, amazing.. I just love this little filly and want the best for her..Can you let me know somemore about the St,John healing program .. thanks for your time.. Rene , Nova scotia Canada..

      • justequus says:

        Hi Rene, You have reached me, Karen! This is the Just Equus Blog still. Here is Lisa St. John’s website info where you can reach her and also see some amazing cases of healing. I highly recommend as my horse just keeps getting more comfortable and healthy.
        Lisa St. John:
        Wishing you and your mare much healing!

  2. Jenafer says:

    Hi Karen~
    At your suggestion I too contacted Lisa shortly after you started Ziba on the healing program. My boy Stormy (24yrs) had been diagnosed with cushings nine months prior, he had bouts of laminitis, seizures and was very depressed. The veterinarian had prescribed pergolide & other meds which clearly made it worse. The vet said to give it time he just needs to get used to the medicine. That didn’t sit right with me… so I read everything I could find and came across your website.
    I purchased so much from you-
    natural remedies, joint formulas, vitamins and APF (which was amazing) & got him to a certain point off the meds but still not himself. You talked to me @ Lisa St.John, sent a link to the website and at the expense of loosing my monthly orders. You put my horse above all that~ I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that !
    I contacted Lisa by email on Saturday Sept 4th, 2010 she emailed back a few hours later, I emailed a photo of Stormy and she called me the next day. Lisa had worked up a dietary formula specific to my horse. She had nailed his personality & what he was going through with his illness. Stormy’s regime consits of 2 yams, 5-6 carrots, 2 granny smith apples, 1/2 cup grnd flax seed, 1 raw egg, 1 avocado, 1/2 cup herbal oil, 1/4 mexican papya, 2 bananas, 1 handful of spinach, 1 leaf of kale, sunflower sprouts, 1/2 a peat pot of wheatgrass….we started with that- he was a bit apprehensive with the new food in addition to his hay but within a few days he was gobbling it down.
    Within about 2 weeks I received the herb blend. I agree- it smelled amazing- healing herbs specific to my boys needs in a shaved coconut base. In that first month I noticed an amazing difference in his movements, his eyes that were once cloudy are now clear & sparkly and he seemed to be happier. He had no more seizures once starting on Lisa’s program. @ 2 1/2 months into it he was like he was 10 years younger!
    Along the way Lisa has added to his “salad” – things like unsulphurated black strap molasses and apple cider vinegar. The herbs are sent every month with changes to that also…all in realation to his healing needs.
    It has now been almost 5 months on Lisa’s program. Stormy is back to his better self… he still has some healing to do but everyone is blown away by how he feels. He is back to his sassy, mischievous self. He bucks, rears-up, runs and frequently lets himself out of his corral. When I try to get him he runs & plays try to get me :O) He is happy again. This program has added years to his life & seeing what it has done and doing for Stormy …my family, friends & I are adding these things to our diet too! Lisa is an angel and any horse will benefit greatly with or without an illness on her program.
    Thank you so much Karen for all you do.

  3. justequus says:

    Dear Jenafer,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experiences. I am so glad that Stormy is much improved. I think he is another walking miracle. I can’t say enough how grateful I am to her healing of my horse too..
    Take care,
    p.s. will it be ok to put your comment in the ‘horse stories’ section? It is such good news!

    • Jenafer says:

      Absolutely !
      It probably needs some tweeking though… I am not very good at writing.
      I forgot to mention I have my 4 dogs also on Lisa’s herbs (she does the same healing nutrition program with our Canine buddies too !!!)
      I heard there may be a future clinic with You & Lisa ??? :O) Keep me posted- I will definitely want to be there!
      Thanks Karen

  4. justequus says:

    Yes Jenafer – I’m so excited about this! It will be set for sometime in the Spring to be held at Webb Ranch in Portola Valley. There is a polo field out back that would be a really nice place to gather with our horses. I can’t wait to meet you and also to see Lisa!
    BTW, what are your dogs’ diet/s?
    Take care, Karen

  5. justequus says:

    Here is Lisa St. John Clinic Invite for April 9, 2011 – in Portola Valley, Calif:

    Looking forward to seeing you there Jenafer! If anyone else is in the area and interested, the morning lecture is open for attendees. Spaces for the consults has almost filled up..
    Cheers, Karen

  6. Hrmm that was weird, my comment got eaten. Anyway I wanted to say that it’s nice to know that somebody else also mentioned this as I had trouble locating the exact same info elsewhere. This was the very first place that told me the answer. Thanks.

  7. justequus says:

    Sorry about that – I get a lot of spam and accidentally deleted it! Glad you found this post helpful. Happy New Year!

  8. kichewolfe says:

    Hey. I’m not sure if your blog is still active or not, but I’ve got a question for you regarding the raw diet of fruits/veggies, herbs, etc. and a picky eater, like you said your Ziba was. How may I contact you, if you’re willing to talk? My horse is a super picky eater, just looking for advice or suggestions really.

  9. Melanie says:

    Hello Karen,
    Researching , as always, in order to find a solution for my mare, I’ve come upon your blog.
    I live in the Middle East, so I guess herbal remedies will be difficult to obtain from the US. My 6 year old arabian mare has severe sidebone (diagnosed in 2015) , she’s got this permanent short stride , tick – if you will. We immediately went barefoot (against the vet’s advise ) , since then she is being trimmed NHC (natural hoofcare) , get’s regular acupuncture, tissue salts, chiropractor, aromatherapy , herbs etc. She has never been ridden, is part of a small herd and get’s everyday (all day) paddock time. Still she’s ticking in her fronts, and for several months now she has inflamed hocks, too – Sigh !!! We’ve x-rayed, done ultrasound , bought Ultra fusion boots … I’m at the end of my wits . She’s now 5 months pregnant (her first) and in a good mood , but obviously this narrows down treatment options substantially , as with your Zeba , it is shocking to me that I can’t find a solution ( natural) to get her more comfortable. I think the problem is basic, the confirmation , the legs are not great . I’ve purchased a photonic light now as well , it hasn’t arrived, yet. Your story is fascinating ! Some of the vegetables on your list would be too risky an option for me, but maybe you have an advice you can give me?

    Best Regards,

    • justequus says:

      Hi Melanie,
      Thanks for your message. It sounds like you are on the right track (imho)! 🙂
      My mare is still on her veggies and i am not so regular about Lisa St. John’s herbal mix. Suppose i could be. her website is
      Also I SWEAR by this amazing product. I have seen so many horses find comfort and mobility again with Rapid Response. I also use it for my family and have a few stories to tell about its powerful effects. It is a liquid supplement and the company is small, cottage industry and i respect what she does. Remember Zenyatta? She was using Rapid Response in her racing career days. Sharon is the owner. Rapid Response website is
      Please let Sharon know i referred you as she tallies commissions and i stay in RR supply! 🙂
      Finally, I discovered, fell in love with, and now use and share doTERRA essential oils.
      So check out my fb page to see some updates of me, the horses, energy work, and even use of essential oils. There are a few that you can use for helping support your horse, but I still would rely mostly on that Rapid Response.
      Here is my fb page: Karen Hisata – Equine Energy Work
      Wishing you & your mare all the best,

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